Monday, September 13, 2010

Party weekend!!

Saturday we had Ethan's 7th birthday party at Lincoln Park.  We were both nervous because it was raining up until 30 minutes prior to the party.  Parties always stress me out. Our family has outgrown our house so I can't fathom bringing a bunch of other families into the mix.  So we normally have their parties at a park in the area which means there is always a chance for bad weather.  This same thing happened last year and left me scrambling for a covered area at the last minute.  We were lucky this year and some families under the pavilions left right before his party was to start so we set up and no one knew the stress I was under 5 minutes before.
Ethan had a great turn out for his party.  He had a good mix of church friends, school friends and daycare friends.  He felt very special that all of his friends came out to help him celebrate.
                          Eyeing the cookie cake.

On Sunday, we went to a party for one of Ethan's classmates at Fat Daddy's.  The boys love the arcades there.  Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy were very tired after this long weekend of parties!

First they started off in the arcades and this is the Ethan cashing in his tickets. 
And now Aiden's turn.- doesn't he look happy??
Now on to the alligator area at Fudpuckers
Look at the confusion of their faces!!  A guy had just jumped into the nasty water to catch an alligator.  No thanks!

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