Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekend Roundup...

This weekend Mommy tackled a big project... cleaning out the boy's toys.  Their toys have started to overtake every part of our house.  Everywhere I turned, there were more toys.  I made a deal with the boys that if they would help me go through their toys and get rid of the ones that they no longer play with then I would pay them what they would have gotten if we had a garage sale. (I didn't feel like doing another garage sale so I will be taking the bag of toys to Goodwill).  Well... the boys started off great but only came up with a few toys that they felt they could part with.  So, Mommy stepped in and now I have a bag full of toys to send off and we are once again organized. 
                                This makes Mommy very happy...

On Sunday, the kids group at church took a field trip to the skating rink.  When we entered, I had a flash back to my elementary/middle school days because I don't think they have made any changes since then.  Wow... they could definitely do some updating.  We had a lot of fun but the kids wore me out.  My arms were so sore the next few days from trying to keep the boys on their feet.  Thank goodness roller skating is like riding a bike.  I guess you never forget once you learn.  Mommy only fell once but it was because Ethan pulled me down with him.
                                         Trying to get used to the skates.
Getting off to a rough start.
Doing better!
Mommy's turn
Aiden had special skates for little people.  Ethan was jealous!
Taking a much needed break.

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