Friday, September 3, 2010

Soccer has begun...

Ethan had his 1st soccer practice on Tuesday.  He was very excited to have a few of the kids from last season on his team.  We are getting back into the routine of running around after work to get him changed, fed and then to practice on time.  He has been doing really well and he is definitely running his energy off.  He still seems to combine soccer and baseball together and enjoys sliding when he kicks the ball.  We keep explaining that he is going to get kicked in the head and will end up making a visit to the ER before the season is over with.  Now, we have a rule that each time he lands on the ground without good cause he owes us a push up.  After one warning from Daddy at last night's practice he came ended up owing zero push ups!!  I think that would give me some motivation as well.

Aiden is not very happy that he can't play this season.  He misses the cut off by one month and the only way he is allowed to play is if one parent is a coach.  Well... since Ryan works on Saturdays, that parent would be me and I don't think they want me coaching. 
At least Aiden will be able to start baseball this season.  I am really excited to see him playing sports.  He has been watching his brother for the last two years and is so excited to be able to play.  I am a little worried about his asthma since it seems to get worse when he becomes more active but I will be waiting on the sidelines with his inhaler to give him a puff (if needed) and then send him back on the field.  He is a tough little man!

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