Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Aiden's allergies are acting up...

The allergy season is now in full swing around here.  Aiden's newest best friend again is...
 his inhaler.  This one along with one other one has been a life saver for him the past few days.  He now has a pretty bad cough and tonight he told me he was having trouble breathing.  Thankfully, I made a call in to the doctor this morning to get some refills.  We are running low and now is not the time to run out of these things.  He is such a big boy when it is medicine time.  He has never complained or fought us.  He knows exactly what he needs to do and often times he even has to remind me that he needs his medicine.  I am blaming the pregnancy for all of my forgetfulness lately (it is getting pretty bad). 
Hopefully this cough won't turn into anything more and we can make it through this season without a visit to the doctor.

On a side note:  Aiden mooned his Daddy last night!!  I couldn't help but laugh and after I was finished being completely immature, I turned back into the Mommy and explained that we do not do this in front of others.  I wonder where he learned that from?!?

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