Thursday, March 24, 2011

Isabelle update- week 29

First off, I want to say that Isabelle and I have reached a milestone!!  When I was pregnant with Aiden by week 27, I was on partial bed rest (working 1/2 days) and by week 29, I was put on full bed rest.  Isabelle has reached week 29 (actually now closer to week 30) and we are both doing well.  Although, this pregnancy has been a bit rougher on my body, we are managing and surviving.  My feet are swelling by the end of the night, I can't sleep without discomfort unless I am sleeping sitting up, and I already have the pregnant waddle.  All these combined ensure that I am looking fantastic during this pregnancy (bags under my eyes, sausage feet and a duck walk).  At least I am managing my weight very well - according to my nurse (I almost started crying... it was exactly what I needed to hear!)
On Monday, I had my regular check up with Dr. E and Isabelle is measuring right on track and her heartbeat was very strong.  She is still currently breech which I didn't have this issue with either boys so she really needs to switch positions.  I don't really like any of the options for delivery of a breech baby.
Yesterday, we had our Pediatric cardiologist (Dr. M.) appointment in Pensacola.  We received some very encouraging news.  Isabelle does still have the AV Canal defect however; all valves on each side are balanced and the atrium (the large chamber at the bottom of the heart) is a little bigger and very strong which will actually help compensate and help her heart pump strong when she is born until she can have the surgery.  All of the vessels around the heart are also very strong.  This is all great news since these things will help her heart function to the best of its ability until she is scheduled for surgery.  Our main concern after birth is to make sure she is eating enough to gain the amount of weight she needs prior to the surgery.  Her body will need to be as strong as possible. 
I am nervous about the feeding because we were told that she could turn a little blue around the mouth from loss of air while sucking.  I am a pretty laid back mother (or I have been with my boys) so hopefully I can continue this with Isabelle and not freak out if/when this happens. 
Dr. M. is still very confident with me delivering at the Sacred Heart in SanDestin.  After our next appointment with her (week 35) she will then contact the hospital to let them know what to expect and speak directly with the Pediatricians as well as the echo tech.  After Isabelle is born, the echo tech will send all images and results to Dr. M. and be in constant contact in case anything arises.  This information did help ease our minds as we were wavering about our decision to deliver in SanDestin or Pensacola.  My worst fear is that Isabelle would have to be transported to Pensacola and we would then be separated.  We will have to continue to pray for the delivery and birth so that this hopefully will not happen.
Isabelle has come through so much already with this pregnancy.  It seems like with each appointment we continue to receive good news and we are so thankful and blessed.
* The cyst around her neck initially found during our 16th week ultrasound is no longer visible.
* Her chin is no longer showing smaller than it should.
* The fluid around her heart and abdomen have both decreased significantly and are almost invisible.
* Her bowels that were initially showing bright on her ultrasounds are now back to normal and look to be functioning properly.
Our Isabelle is a fighter and she is already showing us just how strong she is!


Becca said...

Sounds right on track!! Glad to hear this good news! Samantha used to get a little blue around her mouth and in the space between her eyes on her forehead when she cried or fed or otherwise exerted herself. Once she had surgery, that all stopped immediately. Also, regarding feeding, you just have to work a bit harder to keep her awake for feeds. We worked *really* hard. Had to use cold, wet washcloths on her and would sometimes have to flick her heel with our fingers (a doctor suggested this). LOL And we took her in to the doctor frequently to have her weighed to make sure she was getting what she needed. As a result, she grew like a champ, and was strong and ready for surgery. Hope this helps some!!

Norma said...

Praise God! Continued prayers your way!