Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mommy's purse...

Mommy's purse = my boy's new hiding place.

Everyday I wonder, why is my purse so heavy?  I swear I clean it out each night. (which seems a little excessive but a must!)  So, this morning I look in my purse to try and figure out what could possibly be in there and this is what I found:

* a baseball (Ethan received the game ball last night!!)
* a baseball card
* invisible ink (doesn't every mother need that?!?)
* papers from the boy's school
* random toys- matchbox car/ robot/ bunny

Seriously?? I am already caring around the extra weight a baby in my belly... is it too much to ask that they carry their own toys?  My purse has turned into the boy's mobile toy box.

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