Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh Aiden

This afternoon I got a call from Aiden's daycare that he had gotten sick and we needed to pick him up.  This is nothing new with Aiden so I asked the normal questions... had he just eaten?  Was he coughing at the time? 
Aiden has a horrible gag reflex which makes him throw up and then he'll be fine just a few minutes later.  This makes it very difficult to tell when he is actually sick or just his allergies or gag reflex acting up. 
So, Ryan was able to leave work and go pick him up and I told him to find out what happened so we might be able to pin point the cause of his latest episode.
About 45 minutes later, I get a call at work from Aiden.  He sounded just fine so I asked him what happened at school to make him get sick.  He said " Mommy, I smelt the dirt and I got sick!"  He what?!?  He finally explained in a little more detail that his friend had dropped a piece of mac and cheese on the floor and got dirt on it and when he looked at it and smelt it, he threw up.  Seriously?!?
These types of things were happening so often that we actually talked to his allergist about it at his last appointment.  All he could tell us was that he would have to grow out of it.  I sure hope he out grows this before his gets too much older. Could you imagine him on a date and he smells something funny and gets sick??  That might be a little difficult to explain.

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