Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Isabelle update- 28 1/2 weeks

Isabelle- 28 1/2 weeks.  This is a close up of her face.  I am loving her chubby cheeks!

Today, we had our high risk appointment for Isabelle.  We got some great news which was wonderful!! We had a new doctor today and we loved him.  He was very personable and went through everything before we left.  During our previous appointments, the doctor had noticed fluid around her heart and in her abdomen.  Today, the fluid in both areas had decreased tremendously.  This is a great sign because if the fluid didn't decrease or had actually become larger then it could mean a sign that Isabelle is going into heart failure.  We are thankfully that the fluid seems to be decreasing with each visit.  There was also signs from previous ultrasounds that her bowels were not developing properly and showed brighter on the ultrasounds than her other organs.  This too has gotten better.  He could no longer see any signs that her bowels were not developing or functioning correctly.  Our baby girl is a fighter!!
Isabelle is right on track with her weight... weighing in at 2lbs.  I am hoping she doesn't try and follow in both her big brother's footsteps and start gaining a tremendous about of weight before birth.  Ethan was ready for a steak as soon as he came into the world.  He debuted at 9lbs. 11 ozs.  Aiden was a preemie and weighed in at 7lbs. 1oz.  The doctor said he would have been over 11lbs. had he been born at full term.  No thanks!!
Isabelle is currently breech but has plenty of time to change positions before birth.  Let's hope that her little stubborn streak doesn't kick in and she decides to remain in that position.
We have a follow up with Dr. E on Monday for my regular check up and then we go to Pensacola for our Pediatric Cardiology apointment next Wednesday. 


Becca said...

Yay, that IS great news!!! Glad to hear everything's progressing so beautifully! Before you know it, your baby girl will be here! :-)

Mer said...

What a great picture! So neat to see a close-up like that! I'm glad you got so much good news :)