Thursday, March 17, 2011

Basket case...

Yesterday after picking the boys up from daycare, I was a complete basket case.  Luckily I made it out the door and to the car before actually breaking down.  Although by the time we all got to the car, both Ethan and I were in tears.
Lately, it seems like every time we pick the boys up, I have to hear about these few boys that are picking on Ethan.   It is beginning to get hard to hear each day especially when you don't see any results happening to resolve the issues.  (Don't worry... Daddy is picking them up today and he will have a talk to help resolve the issue).  I have been on the emotional side lately and I knew I would not be able to articulate what needed to be said at that moment so I went home (after church) and cried to Ryan and now he will take care of it. 
It breaks my heart to know that I am sending my child somewhere and he is picked on each day.  He is 7 years old and he doesn't understand why some kids are just mean and they don't want to be his friend.  I have no idea how to explain something like that to him. 
Ethan and I cried all the way to church and that should have been a sign that we should have just headed on home.  But no... the boys really wanted to go to church and I already felt like a horrible mother at the time so off we went.  By the time we parked the car, I thought I had composed myself enough to get the boys in for their dinner but that didn't happen.  I got them to the back and asked someone to help them with dinner so I could excuse myself.  Thankfully, some friends stopped me and just allowed me to cry it out.  I think it was a combination of Ethan's situation and Isabelle- all wrapped up in one.  I was just overwhelmed with life. 
Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you just aren't ready for it and that is how I am feeling right about now. 
Although, my night did end on a good note.  My sister in law's mother (did you get that???), whom I have known for years, gave me a gift last night.  She made Isabelle the most beautiful blanket and said she prayed for her all while making it (which makes the blanket that much more special).  Of course... that brought on more tears but this time they were happy tears.  I have to admit that I slept with the blanket last night (I thought I would break it in for Isabelle) and I had a wonderful night sleep.
Today was a new day and we all started fresh.  I said a little prayer for Ethan as I dropped him off and then a prayer for me that I would make it through the day.  Next, I will be saying a pray for Ryan so he doesn't lose his temper when he discusses the issues Ethan is having at daycare. 
Oh the joys of parenthood!

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