Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy Weekend...

The boys had a weekend full of fun!  They started Friday night with a sleepover at Mimi and Poppy's.  Then Saturday they went bowling with Aunt Amy. 
          Ethan, Aunt Amy and Aiden (I think Aiden's bowling ball is as big as he is)

While the boys were having fun bowling, Nana and I were deep cleaning the house.  I haven't been feeling that great, so Nana offered to come over and help me clean the house.  I am so grateful for her because now, my house is clean and that makes me so happy!  Now, I just have to convince my little men to help me keep it that way.
The boys got home just in time to change and head out to a skating/birthday party.  Daddy had to take the lead at this party since this pregnant woman wouldn't dare put on skates at this point.  I might could do myself and Isabelle some harm.
The boys started off a little rocky...
Here is Aiden testing out his new skates (thanks Nana and Papa!)
                                                    Now Ethan's turn
                                          About to get started.  Good luck Daddy!
                                                    Daddy giving Aiden a little lesson
                                                      Ethan's new best friend... the wall.
                                                                   My boys
                                                        Aiden taking a little break

There aren't any pictures of me out there but I actually did help a little.  I was able to walk around the rink with the boys so Daddy didn't have both boys the entire time.  We learned pretty quickly that they seemed to do a little worse when we were holding on to them.  So eventually, we told them they had to try it on their own and look at what happened.  They did it!
Sunday again was a packed day.  We started off with church and then we took the boys to Build a Bear.  They have been saving their money and they felt they needed another Build a Bear to go along with their collection. 
                                       Aiden getting started with the fluff
Checking to make sure he is soft enough 
Ethan's turn now 
Filling his Puppy with stuffing 
How does he feel?
Now it is time to love on their hearts 
Then rub it on your head to give the Puppy some brain power 
Now make your wish 
Can't you tell they love this place?? 
I didn't get pictures of their finished Puppy but we have added Darth Vader Puppy and Kung Fu Puppy to our family.
The boys had a great weekend and they were so well behaved.  Ethan was such a big helper and had zero whining!! 
I love weekends like these!

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