Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas updates...

We had a great Christmas but I am just now getting around to posting some picutres. I love Christmas and the all of the decorations but I was so ready to get everything put away this year.
On Christmas Eve, Ryan had to go into work for a bit so we all went for breakfast and then drove Daddy to the hotel.  While he was working for a few hours, I took the boys to play at Baytowne.  They had a blast. 
Ethan and Aiden taking a quick break. 

They love this tire swing.  Mommy even gave it a try!
Aiden being cheesy. 

Merry Christmas from the boys! 
The boys learned how to sleep in late during their winter break.  I think it helped that they slept in their tent most every night downstairs.  Although we made them sleep in their room on Christmas Eve so Santa could make his visit, we still had to wake them up.  We were on a tight schedule for the morning so we had to up and going at 8am.  This is what they saw when they came downstairs.
Then they finally noticed their drum set and guitar.  We actually had to point them out since they immediately stopped at the tree. 
I love the look on Ethan's face.  Can you tell he is excited?? 
Our new musicians! 
By the morning, we had already started second guessing our purchases.  Hopefully our neighbors don't mind being woken up by some loud music.

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