Monday, January 3, 2011

18 week appointment

We had our 18 week appointment today and I am proud to announce, I am back to my starting pre-pregnancy weight.  With all of the morning sickness and then stress, I was losing weight instead of heading in the other direction.
The boys were able to come to this appointment so they got to see their baby sister in action.  They were very excited and soon they will even be able to feel her kick.  I am feeling her a lot more these days and Ryan was able to feel her a few nights ago.
We received a good report today.  During our ultrasound in week 16, the doctor noticed fluid around the baby's neck and that is what sent us to the high risk doctor.  Today, she wasn't able to find any fluid around her neck.  Now, this does normally go away during pregnancy but she was surprised that after only 2 weeks, she couldn't find any trace of the fluid.  We said we would take it as a blessing and continue to believe that this baby is in God's hands.  Whatever he chooses to do, we will accept.  I go back to the high risk doctor on the 18th, so hopefully we will continue to see good reports.  These last few weeks seem like it was bad news after bad news so a little good news is refreshing.
Then it was time for the nurse to show Ryan how to properly give me my weekly progesterone shots.  I found out that I had worked myself up more than I needed to.  It wasn't as bad as I thought.  Although, as I am siting here typing this, I refuse to put pressure on that side of my biscuit (aka...butt).  It is pretty tender at the moment.  The boys were still in the room so Ethan asked if I was going to scream like he did when he had to get shots.  I explained that I would have to take it like a big girl since we are in public and leave the screaming for when Daddy is administering the shots at home.

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