Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anxiety Alert...

The last day or so my anxiety levels have seem to risen a bit.
Tomorrow is another day of my shot.  This will be the second one that Ryan administers.  I gave Ryan a thumbs sideways (can you tell I made that up??) for his efforts last week.  The shot part was not good but making sure the pain didn't last until Thursday... he gets a thumbs up.  I think he gave me the shot a little too high up in the biscuit area and not enough in the meaty part.  Wow... that makes a big difference.  Afterwards though he was able to massage the area to make sure the medicine spread enough to not knot or bruise as much.  I couldn't expect our nurse to do the same.  That would have been awkward.  So, tomorrow is another day and another chance for Ryan to change his thumbs sideways to a big thumbs up.  At least by week 36 he should have this down perfectly.
I am now in week 20 of my pregnancy.  Half way there and today is the first day that I have felt some braxton hicks and pressure.  I am sure this is normal but I worry about beginning to dilate early like I did with Aiden.  With Aiden, by week 25, I had already dilated to 1cm and 80% effaced which began my required shorter work weeks  and then ended with complete bed rest.  I have been praying that these shots and my bi-weekly appointments are keeping things in check.  
On Tuesday, I have my high risk appointment and of course, this makes me nervous (as I think they always will).  I need some good news or at least no new bad news.  Now is the time that her digestive system and bowels are forming and functioning and I know that this can cause issues for babies with DS.  I pray that this appointment doesn't show any new signs of her organs not forming/functioning properly.
At least, I was smart this time around and I wrote down my questions so I don't forget as soon as I enter the office.
So today, my prayer is for peace for me as well as my family.


Krista~CF Mama said...

Prayers for peace for u

Steph said...

Praying for you and that baby's digestive system forms perfectly with no complications. Let me know how it goes after the appointment.