Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend updates

Saturday was Papa's birthday so we purchased some balloons to surprise him at work.  The boys love popping in on Papa but Aiden didn't understand why he wasn't getting his hair cut while he was there.  We will save that for another day. 
Afterwards, we went to the mall so they could eat some of their favorite Chinese noodles.  They normally go with Nana and Papa on Sunday's after church so this was my first experience watching them and I have to say... these boys can eat!
We ran into a few stores after lunch and this is what the boys purchased...
Noisy putty!!  Can you tell how happy this makes them?!?  I end up laughing because they get so tickled by it.  I did have to tell them that they can no longer play with in the stores.  After getting many looks from other shoppers, I couldn't handle it anymore.

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