Monday, January 31, 2011

Hide and Seek

The boys have been extra loving with Isabelle lately.  They are constantly hugging or kissing my belly (which I love!).  So I have been trying for weeks now to get them to feel her kick.  This girl is a mover/dancer.  She is constantly kicking me and I want the boys to feel this as well.  Well... she is either really stubborn or playing games with them.  She can be moving constantly and the moment I put their hands on my belly... she freezes!  So I have started telling the boys that she is playing hide and seek and/or playing freeze tag (so they don't get upset).  However, now they think as soon as she pops out, she is going to able to get up and start playing with them.  I don't think they understand the concept of a newborn and that they pretty much just lay around 24/7.  Oh well, they will learn soon enough and before they know it, she will be playing right along side of them.  I can't wait to see that!  They already love her so much and are so proud to be her big brothers!!

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