Friday, January 14, 2011

Ethan is growing up fast!!

This picture captures Ethan completely.  He is our big boy with just the right amount of silliness.

Some of Ethan's latest:

*A few nights ago, Ethan lost another tooth.  We have lost count as to his current total.  Thankfully, he pulled this one out as well.  He was really starting to make my stomach turn when he twists and wiggles those teeth.  Yuck!!

* Ethan brought home another report card with straight A's.  We aren't sure where he gets his smarts from but we will take it!  Keep'em coming big boy!!

* Ethan's latest life lesson-
He has a new classmate that started a few days ago.  I had been talking to him about how hard it must be to leave your familiar surroundings and start over in a new place.  But, he said she definitely isn't shy.  She sits by him and he told me last night that she colored on his clothes and had been mean to him and the other kids.  Of course, I asked why but figured she must be having a hard time adjusting to her recent move.  (I know I would) He told me he has already talked to her and explained that everyone already likes her so she doesn't have to be mean and if she is mean then the other kids won't want to play with her.  She told him that she is not used to all of these white people around her.  Ethan didn't know what to do with that.  He told me he said that I don't think it matters what color we are, we can all be friends.  (insert a picture of a very proud Mom here).  You see... until yesterday, Ethan never described his friends as black or white, they are just his friends.  He had never paid attention to the color of their skin.  I was so proud of the way he handled this situation and I pray he never changes!  Children at a young age are so innocent and have such pure hearts.  Don't you wish this never changed?!?

I am sure Ethan will have many life lessons in his future.  I hope he continues speaks with compassion and understanding.

* Surprise... Surprise... Ethan mentioned he would like to try playing football.  (At least until he starts high school, then he could get hurt!)  Football is one of the sports that he has never wanted to try.  He loves baseball and soccer and is ready to take up basketball.  We will see how long this football things lasts once sign up starts.

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