Sunday, January 16, 2011

Puke fest at the Holt's

So, Saturday we went out and about with Nana to pick up some baseball equipment for Aiden.  He starts T-ball this season.  He is so excited!!  He has been watching his big brother play sports for the last few years begging to get out on the field himself.  Now is his time to shine!! 
After our shopping, we stopped by McDonald's to eat and play.  Aiden wasn't feeling too well.  He ended up puking all the way to the bathroom.  So sorry McDonald's and the surrounding families eating their lovely lunch.  With his allergies and gag reflex, he has gotten really good with getting to the bathroom in time but this time it snuck up on him.  Poor guy!!
Fast forward a few hours and this is what the boys were doing...
 That's right... they were wiped out.  Don't worry, we put them in their tent for the night and this is who was protecting them...

Brodie!!  I wonder if he realizes he is sitting inside a dog's mouth?? 
In the middle of the night, Ethan started calling us and to our surprise... he had gotten sick inside the tent an inch away from Aiden's face!  Thankfully, Aiden slept right through because he would have thrown up right along with him had he been awake.  (good ole gag reflex!)
I think both boys are over whatever was going on with their tummy's now.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that Mommy and Daddy are in the clear!

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