Saturday, January 29, 2011

A lovely visit

On Thursday, I meet with a mother of a little DS boy.  This was my first face to face meeting with someone once finding out about Isabelle and I was able to pick her brain for a while.  It was nice to sit and talk with someone that knows exactly what you are going through.  I have gotten numerous emails and comments from other DS moms and all of these have helped Ryan and I tremendously.  Just to be told that our feelings and emotions are normal and that Isabelle will have a "normal" childhood (it just might be a little different) gives me a peace that I haven't had before.  Don't get me wrong, I am still nervous and scared and I am sure I will be until the day I meet Isabelle but I am starting to have some peace (which is saying a lot). 
We just found out our appointment with the Pediatric Cardiologist is on Monday in Pensacola.  I hope we find out a lot of information that will help us prepare for Isabelle's birth and surgery.  I am going into this appointment blind and we don't have a lot of questions but I am hoping we leave with a lot more knowledge about Isabelle's heart.
Oh yeah... and Monday brings with it another shot.  Boo!!  Among many reasons... Mondays are no longer an enjoyable day for me.  1.  Monday means the weekend has come to an end and we are back to the reality of work and school.  2.  I get a shot in my biscuit.   Ryan is getting much better each week but I have yet to get over my fear of needles.  I still stress myself out preparing for approximately 2 minutes of discomfort.  Oh well... just 14 more weeks and then we can say goodbye to the weekly shots.

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